Pastors Comments

In alphabetical order

"Dariush and Marya Sadighi have been great friends and faithful members from the earliest inception of the first Iranian Christian organization in the United States. My friends, Dariush and Marya, are by far two of the best Farsi worship leaders among all Iranian Christians. Any assembly of believers will be immensely blessed by having them lead worship."

Rev. Shahrokh Afshar

We have known Dariush and Marya for more than a decade. I praise God for them, a dedicated family to His Kingdom, serving the Iranians . They take us to God's Presence when they lead in worship.
We, in Iran for Christ Ministries, love and support you!

Pastor Elnathan Baghestani

"I have known Dariush and Marya for over twenty years. They are dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, and passionately serve him with their talent of music. Their worship ministry has touched my heart, and I am sure so many other people hearts too. May the Lord bless them richly as they continue serving him."

Rev. Saro Khachikian
Pastor of Christ Armenian Church

"Thank God for the Worship Ministry of Dariush and Marya. They are specifically called and anointed by God to minister Iranians who love to worship our True God and Savior Jesus Christ. I have known them for over 20 years & they have blessed us at our church with their Praise and Worship program. Their Spirit filled songs and lyrics along with the professional music will lift up the audience who are seeking to have encounter with God. I pray that all the church leaders who are seeking a revival in Praise and Worship in their churches to utilize Dariush and Marya’s experience and the anointing in order to lift up their existing worship teams and their congregations."

Pastor Kamil Navai
Iranian Christian Church of Sunnyvale

"There are times in any given service that people gather to sing, but then there is a time when people of God worship Him in awe of His glory and magnificent. I must say that though there might be many singers, Dariush and Marya are two people in love with God and that dedication reflects not only in their time of worship but also in all that they do for the Farsi speaking Christian community. Dariush and Marya simply do what they love for the glory of the One they have been loved by, their Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for them and the fruits of their ministry that expands well over two decades and continue to pray that the Lord will expand, further anoint and provide for their ministry."

Rev. Jonathan J. Nazanin
Persian Christian Churches – Lead Pastor

"Dariush and Marya are exceptional and strong Christians who are devoted to use their gifts, talents, and calling to serve in ministry to further the Gospel of Christ. They create reverent and worshipful experiences that help people come into the presence of God, and serve along side men and women of God who are servants of grace for the Lord."
They also serve as teachers of worship and music to help those with clear gifts in music and the arts, to find a place of service in the local church and other effective ministry venues.

Dariush and Marya are invaluable asset to any team, and I highly recommend them."

Afshin Pourreza


"Dariush and Marya worship the Lord with all their hearts and that passion is evident in their worship music. Their humility and love for people transcends all barriers. That is why they are loved and respected by so many people – I am one of them."

Rev. Hormoz Shariat
Iran Alive Ministries

"Dariush and Marya have been dear friends and ministry partners for my wife and me for over 20 years. They are devoted to Jesus and His ministry and high achievers in the areas where the Lord has gifted them. We have always been blessed by the passion and power they bring to His praise and worship. God has used them greatly and great things are still ahead for them."

Pastor Farhad Siavoshi
Good News Persian Church

"I am glad to recommend to you the ministry of my friends Dariush and Marya. They are true worshipers of God. They have led worship for 28 years with dedication, faithfulness and joy. It is my prayer that they will continue to lead the people of God to true worship in years to come and that God would be glorified in all they do to enhance the Kingdom of God."

In His service,
Pastor Luke Yeghnazar,
Iranian Church of Los Angeles