Testimonies from around the world

Since we saw your music video on Christian TV broadcast, we’ve been hooked! We see your love for each other, your pure heart, humility, and how you just want to give God the Glory with love. Your songs are powerful and they help us here in Iran to grow in the Lord. We thank God for giving such a beautiful gift to His church and pray that your songs will touch all of Iran and bless people.

Alireza / Iran

I got your “Above All” CD and it is beautiful! I listen to it all the time and wish we had more Christian Farsi CD’s like it. I cannot wait for your next CD! Glory be to Jesus our Lord.

Esfandiari / Norway

We thank God for all your CD’s!
Not only we use them at home and enjoy it, but we use it every Sunday at our local Farsi church. Since most church attendees are new believers, we sing along with your CD’s as our worship segment. We all truly get Blessed.
Thank you so much for your ministry and helping us.

Mehdi / Italy

Thank you for the Above all CD. Even though I do not understand Farsi, I certainly understand the sound of the anointing.
May His Blessings & Grace be upon you both,

Pastor Philip / USA

I listen to your CD everyday & everytime I listen to the song “The Lord is my Shepherd” it brings healing & joy since we have so much pain & suffering here in Iran. Now I truly understand the meaning of worship & how the Holy Spirit touches you through it…

Shahnaz / Iran

I got hold of a copy of your beautiful CD entitled Bartar az Shahan  at our Toronto Farsi speaking Christian conference. Since then and without exaggeration,   my wife and I have listened to this CD virtually everywhere we go -- during our long and short trips in the car, during walking and jogging, and at home. 
I cannot tell you enough that each and every time we listened to this CD, we were tremendously blessed with heavenly measures! The music of this album is great and soothing to the soul and spirit. The lyrics are awesome and heavenly bound – and to top these two great characteristics of any great Christian music, is the lovely, celestial and supernal voice of you and your lovely wife Maria! Put these three quality and traits together and there you have a CD that will bless and uplift any weary soul!   Please accept our deepest and heartfelt congratulations for the production of this blessed Farsi worship CD.  
We are proud of you and are looking forward to get a copy of your next CD.

Pastor Tommy / Canada